Interested in the Human Figure, the body becomes her main subject. Self image within the 'space' transformed into another dialogue, Monumental Art. 
arrives to integrate Object - Language, Collective - Space and Architectural - Installation.. bringing us back to our origins as psychological, physical and emotional begins. 


Lucylmar's chimera, aspiration and artistic execution had led her to an international reception as an outstanding and polifacetic artist. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lucylmar started her formal education in Philosophy and Latin American Literature, soon after she will be transforming her search into Metallurgy, Industrial Design, Sculpture, Architectural Installations and Wearable Arts, focusing on this last one Lucylmar developed her serie of Haute Gamme Joaillerie. 
In 2006 she traveled to Europe. She'll be spending three months researching in France, the Netherlands and Greece. A year after Lucylmar moved definitely to Paris, France to continue her education in the prestigious college Parsons - Paris School of art and Design completing her BBA in Design and Management focusing on International Marketing for Design.
In 2010, the artist establish her atelier in the 9éme arrondissement in Paris. Le Quartier de l'Opera Garnier and Le Grandes Boulevard are her new entourage, her new inspiration and the frame for what will become her trademark as an artist, her research on nature, organic shapes and the artificial mechanics -from an esthetic point of view- the Modern Barroque and the Simple - This new way of thinking has become her permeant thesis. 
Reason, and senses, research and experimentation are her primary tools. Therefore, her work is done with coherence, no improvisation, long hours dedicated to the development of strict principles, concepts and mathematical language, needed to achieve and therefore to communicate the right composition and meaning. 

In 2013 Lucylmar moved to the French Alps, establishing her second atelier space in La Côte du Rhone, and in 2015 she conceived her first formal serie consisting in three sculptural Jewelry collections. For launching the biggest project of her career she present her body of work in the prestigious Eclat de Mode - Bijorhca in Porte de Versaille, pre-hosting PFW SS16, in which her brand LUCYLMAR was awarded Coup de Coeur - Top 20 Designers among 530 international brands. Lucylmar is the first Puertorrican owning this recognition. 
Throughout her artistic career Lucylmar has work and collaborated in different international venues. Exhibiting her sculptural work in Grammys Awards in Los Angeles, Cannes Film Festival red carpet in France, Hispanic Organization for Latin Actors in NY, among others. As well she has exhibited her sculpture pieces in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (twice) and most recently and latest exhibition, a satellite exhibition for La Bienal di Architettura de Venezia, Italy, in which three scale models of Architectural Installations / Urban Sculptural Work - Public Art created for the Jardins de Tuleries in Paris, France. This exhibition was presented at The Rooms on Plaza San Marco. 
Lucylmar's extended experience in the european design and artistic fields interjects with her multiple research, including diverse selected academic formations: 
- Geneve, Switzerland -CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research - Ideation, and concept for sculptural jewelry collection. Presented in Paris, France 2015.
- Central Macedonia - Greece - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Archeology,  Etruscan Civilization, Antique Armors and Body Ornament Seminar  2007.
- Paris, France - Ecole du Louvre, Département des Sculpture. Seminar 'The Parisian Gardens under the Old Regime, Capital Issues and Specifications. 
After more than a decade living and working in France, in 2016 Lucylmar return to the United States. Currently, she is living in front of the Golf in the bay area of Saint Petersburg, Florida although she travels frequently to her hometown San Juan. As for today she continues on the creation of new architectural installations as well her series of Sculptural Haute Joaillerie